Professional webdesign and graphical design

We have a young and professional team of designers, that work together to bring you the most modern webdesigns techniques available, ensuring your website is accessible on all devices.

When we design user interfaces, we always keep in mind two things. What devices the end user will use. And what you want the end user to see. We therefore build comprehensive webdesigns that cater to the user’s needs.


Search Engine Optimization

We aim to provide with the best in Search Engine Optimization, and to ensure your website will rank as high as possible inside search engines. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration, but we consider Google’s rulebook as the best guideline we could follow.

We also optimize for all major search engines, primarily focusing on Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Crossover Platform Support (Desktop and Mobile)

On desktop we develop websites fully crossbrowser and crossplatform compatible, including Windows OS, MAC OS and Linux based systems, and support for browsers such as IE6 and greater, Firefox 3.5 and greater, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

We develop web applications and user interfaces that are fully compatible with all modern mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. By using responsive designs, we ensure you get the best out of your product and its search engine integration.


Up to 8GB of Cloud Storage

By choosing our administrative packages, along many other feature, you can get up to 8GB of cloud storage for your website’s media, including images, audio files or video files.

This equates to over 8000 HD photographs, 136 hours of audio recordings or 10 hours of full HD video.


Complete customer support

You can find full support in us, as our clients. We will be there to answer all of your questions, and to help you understand how to use your website, and how to structure your content to better optimize it for online searches.

Also, we will be there to help you even after the project is finished. We expect feedback and will be there to help you if you encounter any issues.


Our Admins will take care of your website

Our administration services include hosting packages, personalized email addresses, CMS updates and management, unlimited traffic, traffic statistics, security management, troubleshooting and others.

By getting one of our administrative services, you will also get a periodic back-up, as often as a daily back-up of your website, which will ensure a minimum possible data loss in case of an unforseen incident.


Wordpress CMS

In implementing your website design we will start from using a WordPress Content Management System scheleton. It is a and open-source CMS, developed by thousands of volunteers, that makes the transition into website content management incredibly easy.

Imagine just writing your post for your blog, or product for your eshop, or editing your about page, and simply pressing a button to update your website’s content. It’s as simple as that.


High Speed Data Centers

We use dedicated servers and data centers, set in Romania, the country with the highest broadband speeds in Europe, the 5th in the world.

By getting hosting with us, you not only get access to a high speed data center, but also real-time statistics, regarding your website and your visitors.